October 9th, 2012 GC_admin

We have gained extensive experience from having removed overspray from hundreds of thousands of vehicles over our last forty-six years of business.  Our  special cleaning process  enables us to remove overspray from the majority of vehicle molding and trim surfaces without any damage occurring in the process.  This gentle cleaning process does not dull, fade, or turn molding surfaces white, as most solvents will.  Some of our competitors claim they recondition  molding and trim surfaces, when in fact all they do is  re-paint them.  Unfortunaely, these companies  totally misrepresent to the vehicle owners, the insurance companies, and or the responsible painting contractors as to  what has truely taken place.  If a claimant is not tmade aware in  advance that his moldings will be painted to cover up the overspray, they are being fraudulently mislead.  If the responsible parties for the overspray have been billed for the cleaning of these oversprayed vehicle molding and trim surfaces, and they were painted instead of being cleaned, they have become victims of a ”cover up”, ( Great play on words).   Claimants with newer vehicles, in most cases, would never opt to have their moldings painted,  particularly since the possiblity that the molding paint will discolor and  peel off in the future and could result in additional costs down the road.

We have cleaned thousands of vehicles on past claims that required no molding or trim replacements.    These replacements on an oversprayed vehicle could run several thousand dollars and this is the greatest loss exposure on a vehicle  overspray claim that a contractor or insurance company is faced with .  We don’t cover up problems, we solve them.




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